Still Lyrics

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Chief Keef

I'm still ridin' with my Glock
I'm still ridin' with my block
I'm still plottin' on the top
Bitches still plottin' on my guap
Niggas still plottin' on my spot
My niggas still in the field where it's hot
Still smokin' when the judge told me not
And I still got these streets on lock

Still ridin' with my pole, still don't trust a soul
Still ridin' with my Rolls, still don't trust these hoes
Still love me some bankrolls, I don't love these hoes
Still gotta hit the bank right before he close
Still steppin' steel to steel, cops come, then I go
Still flexin' when a bitch ask me somethin', like did I know?
Still ridin' through the opps on L like GI Joe
Still sendin' shots at cops, that semi PIO
Lil' niggas in the field with the steel
I'm a lil' nigga but I am full of steel
You's a lil' nigga, you can't chill, you gon' squeal
Niggas still rollin' for Chief Sosa, 18 wheel
2Pac on but it's fuck the world still
I ain't got no condom on, I'ma fuck the world still
Pull up on your thot, she gon', I'ma call that girl still
Then she gave me top and I ain't call that girl still
But I'm still

Stealin' still with a steel, got a 30 in my steel
Nigga steerin' the wheel
Mayweather, Holyfield with the steel
Come through and knock a nigga off his mothafuckin' hill
Like Jack and Jill I'm still at the top
Knockin' niggas off the mothafuckin' hill
I done got me a big ass hammer
Like Hank I'm the king of the mothafuckin' hill
Still, still, still, still, steal me steal with the peel
Peel with the steel, go through a nigga block, get a kill and a kill
On the road, makin' deals, and my lil' nigga still
Pullin' up, doin' drills
And my old bitch say she still, still, fuck with me still
Say she in love with me still
She say she would still put trust in me still
She say she would still fuck with me still
These niggas still ain't comparin' to lil'
Y'all still some lil' niggas
Still with my woah-we-wish-you-would, nigga
Still bloody sidewalks, nigga
I'm still where I was

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