Still In Love Lyrics

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Still In Love

David Gates

Darlin' I'm still in love, woh yeah
Darlin' I'm still in love (still in love).

As long as this old heart keeps beating
I'll be loving you (yeah)
Every breath I take repeating
That I'm still in love with you (oh)
(Still in love with you).

As long as this old world keeps turnin'
I'll be loving you, yeah
Like a flame that soul is burnin'
I'll be still in love with you, oh
(Still in love with you).

From the first time that we met
My heart has been on fire
You fulfill my dreams
You're my heart's desire
I'll never let you go, yeah
And I want you with me
'Cause I need you so.

'Cause it really doesn't matter
What we go through
Long as you have me
And I know that I have you
Each moment can be brand new
And well be together I can tell you true.

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