Still In love Lyrics

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Still In love

Kirk Franklin

That touch I felt was you, I believe it it felt like something you would do how you,
you keep reminding me that you made me for yo, I knew,
That there would be some days that can't be guaranteed to be blue, it's true,
but then where would I be without opportunities to, watch you change my broken life,
hear you tell me it's gon' be alright now, see your plans come together in ways I can't even explain

Together we been through hard times,
But Jesus I'm still in love with you, I've had many loves in my life
But Jesus you make me feel brand new,
You know it's hard for me to believe that you love me no matter what I do
So how I live, I hope you can see that I'm in love with you

The morning sun was you, I appreciate it just what I needed to get through
cause you knew I had a stressful day gotta get away with you Jesus,
You you make me happy if I wrote down all the things you do the list would take forever
I thought it might be better to tell you why I smile is cause you,
you bring no drama in my life it was dark but I can see the light now
Everything is so beautiful to me

(Hey DJ) Turn it up it feels so good to have somebody love you and your heart won't break
Turn it up if you've been through love You're
Ready now to let go of yesterday Get on up and get yourself together
He's callin you it's all for you if you don't know Jesus is so n love with you

You You,
Yeah that's you just keep doing what you do
No one does me like you di
That's why I'm so In love with You Who?
You Yea it's you and if I have to got through as long as I'm with you I'm gone

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