Take Care Of You Lyrics

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Take Care Of You


Ummm oohhh ahh ohhh,

Been workin all day long,
Tryin 2 get your hustle on
Society has put the pressure on you,
To make it hard to for you to do what you do.
Gotta let you know that your not alone

an baby,thats why I wrote this song
(I wrote this song) to show you my apperciation for you
So let me know if your cool wit that (baby) ooooohhh

Lay bac a while,take off your shoes,
Relax yourself I'm gonna take care of you,
I'm gonna show you thangs you neva seen before,
Make you feel like a man when you walk through that door,
I'm gonna cook your dinner,
Wash your clothes an change your linen,
I'm not finished yet its only the beginnin,

I'm gonna light the candles,
Run your bath I'm here 2 take care of you

oohhh Now its time 2 set the mood,
2 do the things that couples do,
Turn down the lights I know you don't have a clue
(Victoria's gotta a Secret for ya)
Gonna let you know neva gonna let you go

Boy you just don't know an its hard to explain
(you don't know) I love it when u hold me an your callin out my name,
Boy I cant control it,(its hard for me 2 hold it,
When you look into my eyes an I began 2 fantasies)

(Thats why I'm gonna take good care of you)

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