Takin It Back Lyrics

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Takin It Back


We never givin up
We never gonna quit
As long as people are gettin high
Kingspades gonna ride

U need to pack another rip
Cause we back n we snappin shit
D-loc n johnny ric kingspade u catch a flower quick
It's subnoize when it's wrapped up in bundle

Smoke buds everyday kick back with johnny richter
Stay high like snoop dogg u get da picture redman,
Cypress hill, x-clan got blunts dawg we plan kottonmouth
To live so light it up roll it up

Dats right? we on top of our game
I spent alot of time fuckin now I finally came
10 years in da makin oh wat a suprise
N da fellin that I get is that I finally arrived

We got a big chunk of bread
N now there's crumbs everywhere
This subnoize family is gettin bigger every year
There's no sign of slowin down so u better be ready
Cause we're comin

Dats right

Yea we still rock mic shit we can't fuck with em bottles
Go on PTB break shit off like there el coackran
Take shots like captain drink beer like pirates
Lay low smoke bud kick flows u know the underground shit
D-loc n johnny richter on a hill like a sidekick
U hit me dawg we hit u back n we spinin on our ride
On the flo we hit the studio droppin through everybody know

I got the scar n his name tatted on his back
Settin off smoke alarms cause we burnin that fat
N we don't give a fuck cause our plan is a plaque
It's the way we fell about it please try n understand
We ain't the type of people tryin to rock the boat
But we are the type of people that jus love to toat
So let us do our thing n you goin to do your thing
We can boost in together come n join out team come on

So anybody that's unhappy with us so forget em
Cause the rocks dat we got is spittin pure venom

Yea dawg we gon get em don't get bite by the snake
This thing can attack from the back I bet u feel my pain

Hardcore to the brain I bet it make your head spin
U know I got the futuristic bud call me johnny jetson

Call me double dash n u know I'm the incredible
Everlating u need to take a hit of my dro

Now hold it in for a long time n jus watch
As your mind starts to melt n your eyes jus drop

As your mind starts to melt n your brain slows down
Can u feel the effects of the high

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