Takin' Pictures Lyrics

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Takin' Pictures

Dj Drama

Feds takin pictures on me
Nigga's still snitchin on me
900 for the sip
Whatchu think I'm smokin homie?
Oh whatchu think I'm jokin homie?
Blue rims, yeah da coupes crip walk
Certified platinum think id rather make hits?
Between me and you yeah id rather flip bricks
So tell me wats wrong with glass pots and a scale
Holes fo dem bitches like da double XL

Homie we ball til we fall
Magic City we da law
Tryna stay out of reach of the long arms of the law
I'm calm like snowfall through preliminary hearings
They indictin niggas fa boots and some for raqatering
Proli got me on the camera while I'm copin out the car lot
I'm comin out the banks, big cribs with the cardbox
It's Willie
My futures bright like a highlighter
They takin pictures cause I'm fly like a skydiver

U ain't seen money
Until you seen me
220 for Bently GTC
And the money ain't a thing like J dupri
When you ballin round the country like the major league
So peace up, A town down
Tear ya streets up with them A-K rounds
Now wutchu know about that?
I kno all about that
3 birds, 3 nights can make a 100 thousands stacks
And man they got it on camera
The Feds been watchin since the boy touched Atlanta

I'm da biggest mobster to eva hit da pop charts
I'm a easy target dey kno a nigga rock hard
Get a clean check cut slip it in my account
Write china white a lil will wipe em out
I ain't with the rappin boy, I'm puttin in the work
In these niggas with the rapid legs in the shirts
Get some information for you informants I got the YAYY
AND I'm sellin them cheaper than yesterday so wutchu say?

Whether u kno me as T.I. or u can call me T.I.P.
I kno da FBB and FBI dey talk about the G.I.?
N u kno when I b high when I'm n da V.I.P
I'm sho dey c me as I fly thru da city n dat brand new G.I.V
Young, rich, and famous with a pistol u can call me Cheeali
But I'm da greatest n Atlanta dey be callin me Ali

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