Tell Em (Lies) Lyrics

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Tell Em (Lies)

Rich Gang

What you tell them Thugger!

I'm a pull up, eat on that pussy and dip
I'm a keep one inside the chamber like Wilt
Baby girl spoiled and she spoileder than milk
And keep on my side like a fuckin' hip
She gon' make sure I survive, she gon' do it well
Baby I just want them thighs right under that belt
She just want me to keep them lies all to myself
Word, she gon' help me like she's Santa's elves

She gon' look over these bitches like terms and conditions
I'm a move her out the trenches and buy her a Bentley
I'm a fuck her then hold on to her like she was missin'
I'm a pull on that wavy hair cause it's Indian Remy
I grab the key, she wanna ride with me
She tied the knot so she can die with me
She say she can do the same thing as 5 bitches
So I went and fired them 5 bitches
She the B-E-S-T, best
She ride me, 200 on that pussy like a T-Rex
I won't stop lovin' her, no way, no way, I'm a invest
In her
(What you tell em Thugger?)

I had to hit her from the back then dip up out it
I don't know what it is but it's somethin' about her
When she around she do somethin' to me, I can't doubt it
I don't know what it is, but it's some' 'bout her
Shawty got me fucked up, blowin' O's, no Audi
Her ex nigga, he fucked up and I don't give no fuck about him
But I'll do whatever when it come down to shawty
The feds askin' questions, I don't know shit about it
Somethin' 'bout lil shawty that I can't put my finger on
It's somethin' 'bout lil shawty, she rather text, she don't be on phones
It's somethin' 'bout lil shawty, say it, that got Rich Homie gone
Shawty the best in my eyes and I know
She don't do fashion and she don't even go outdoors
Before she was ready you already knew I know
Shawty made me sick, I'm feelin' like I got a cold
Can't forget about my bro
What you tell em Thugger?

It's somethin' about her, Thug, it's somethin' 'bout her
What it be? She got my life, I wanna wanna rob her, don't take it
Not Young Scooter but all she know is count up
She countin'
I'm on her front end like a fuckin' blouse
I'm on her head like a fuckin' bounty
No hunter
I'm a eat her like I'm hungry at Benihanas

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