Tell Me Lyrics

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Tell Me

Seven And The Sun

Now she stands before the sun
Throwing shades of love unlike anyone
And she understands the deeper side of me
The side I can't see
And she says what's on her mind
A touch of truth with every word she finds
And she makes me think about just who I am
And I wanna be a better man

And tell me what it takes
And tell me what you're doing now
Do you really think that we can make it

Tell me what to do
And I'll do anything right now
Tell me what it takes to make you love me

And tell me what you're doing
I know we can get though this now
Oh I really think that we can make it

Now she throws the world away
Never lives her like by what other people say
And she makes me feel like I am special
But she's so special
And she speaks between the lines
With a deeper meaning I never seem to find
She gets her pleasure from the simple things
Like the joy my pain can bring

So now I'm reaching out I'm not the same
Oh I'm a fool for what you bring
I want to fall until I fall into the heart of you
And now I'm screaming out I call your name
Oh I can't sleep and I can't dream
Don't want to close my eyes until
I know you're here with me
So tell me what it's gonna be

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