The Family Ruin Lyrics

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The Family Ruin

Sleeper Oh

She finds him by the fire,
His claws of God are dripping from his crimes.
He beckons her, &"Sweet daughter,&"
The voice that once avenged her younger life.

He's got the voice of a con,
The same one
Who cut down in the name of his God,
Who took on the robe of a judge,
Without a license to kill without cause.
He's not worth it.
He's not worth it;
He's not worth it.
Remember what he did that made you question all the words he cited!

From the book, the same book,
That's reeling you home after so many years of silence.

And the daughter watches father,
As he sleeps and dreams, she brings the knife to light.
'Cause she knows he can't go farther,
He'll never wake to see his daughter cry.

Don't lose control or you will long
To go back to this time and rewrite your thought.
'Cause you're about to choose what you called,
So ironic, it's ironic, it's ironic that you're contemplating murder
While I'm educating you in mercy!
You say you want, you say you want,
The means to believe, so don't change who you are,
'Cause who you are is how I made you to discover me!

The steel marries his skin.
No, it's not worth it, it's not worth it.
(I cut him down! I cut him down!)
You didn't have to fall, it's your fault,
It's your fault. You lost control,
And now you long to go back and rewrite your thought.
But I won't let you slip away.
Not this time, not this time.
This time you're gonna learn what it means to receive the very mercy
That you denied when you denied
The means to believe,
I'll keep feeding you the fruit that you need
but you spit it out to further your doubt.

And now he can't go farther,
'Cause he'll never wake to see his daughter cry

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