The Kings Sent For Me Lyrics

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The Kings Sent For Me


Yo what up?
Stop parking your rollers on the side of the street homey
This is fucking Chef, man
This your brother Chef, man
From Shaol-land
You already know it's Shaolin, what goin' on?

Back for vengeance, glocked up, drinkin’ Cîroc up
Call it what you call it, I’ma call it some block stuff
Used to flashing gats, double barrels that flips narrow
Don’t even give it to Daryl then
Hang with the monster mobsters
All of them keep rockets on ‘em, ain’t no sense for the arguments
Drugs and guns and dunns in every part of my plan’s done
Hidin’ in my mansion, one year
I’ma a Polo head, Polo with a Rover sober red
Ridin’ with my niggas in Chicago, hold the lead my nigga
‘Cause it’s the bigger we get, the bigger you fall
The bigger we shit, check the wall full of scholars
Bank robbers ankle gold joggers
All my niggas quick to get off, poppin’ collars, kid
It’s just a family status
Don’t get sprayed up for fuckin’ with the family cabbage

Samuriders, scramble when I aim and toke
Best believe I’ma flame your ankle with metal bolts
From the flavors you taste when the rocks is quotes
I’ma have a bronze with all onyx scopes
My hands stay clean without the soap
When you see it’s us you feel the rush, the opposite of hope
Slammin’ grammar wizard choke and the hammer hits the oak
Slam a wiz that's cold, I deliver keys of coke

He must be on meds and shit
I keeps one of those thangs that shreds your shit
Or did he forget the number of how many get hit?
For fuckin’ with real niggas, more money to get
Fuck it, sandblast niggas like the Mojave
Beef Mugabe I’ll be probably oddly
Pushin’ down the street low key bucket and banger
Front liners with me strictly, buckin’ and bangin’
Twistin’ the robbery, on missions soldiers
Goblins know got steam brewin’ niggas like Folgers
Fronkenstein, I’ma bubble away
From triplin’ what a nigga made yesterday
Before I start bustin’ a musket, ivory tusk handle on the hammer
Trust me it must be Pentagon or nothing motherfucker
I won’t tell you again
Sand rider Samurider I’ma ride till the end

Women are for fucking, men are for fighting
Who cares as long as they both bend over smiling
Yo, I get muddy like Volkswagen offroad buggy
Ladies love me, teddy bears and puppies
Poisonous insects and animals in the stash house
Lookin’ for cash, don’t put your hand in the couch
Frodo Baggins escort the Komodo dragon
Repeat rappin’, memorize the God's solo classic
Predator prowler, truth to power, gunpowder
Plaid lumberjack flak jackets and cowboy trousers
Ponderosa Ibuprofen, gasoline-soaked Mimosas
Ocean spray Grey Goose dolphins
Charles Bronson, Godzilla, Gulf of Tonkin
Sponsored by the Luxor, the casino comped him
The rat hunters cut his dick off last summer
Flushed it down the toilet, sent it back to his mother

Heartless, like war torn soldiers in Bosnia
I was with his girl yesterday, ain’t have to Bill Cosby her
Craig G, Can-I-Bus, Rae, Kurupt
Antiseptic on beats, you ain’t low spray your guts
What? Cover it up with a Band Aid
Damn straight you’ll never come close when we mandate
These verbal executions, fittin’ MCs necks for nooses
Catch him as he cops a few loosies
I literally and figuratively shoot fifths
True shit, a way to lose quick
Is to cross me, leave a body cold in these warm streets
Hop off stage punch him in the face hop back on beat
Hold New York, 42nd Street was for dope fiends
Triple feature Kung Fu flicks and other coke schemes
Orange boxcutters, and
It’s different now it’s easy to act tough from a safe place

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