Turn Around Lyrics

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Turn Around

Riddlin' Kids

When you got pissed the other day
I didn’t mean to but I called you by your best friends name
Well give me a break I said that I was playin’
And on your birthday Monday night
I didn’t get you anything
I ran outta time
It’s the thought that counts
Well that’s what they say
And I know that I passed out that night when you got naked

Turn around
There’s always something
Please calm down
And I will do anything
You’ve got me runnin’ around
Can’t get my feet on the ground
Turn around
I’ll make it up to you today

When you walked home the other night
I didn’t pick you up
I don’t know how you slipped my mind
I’m sorry
Can’t you hear what I am sayin’
You only walked 5 miles
Don’t know why you’re complainin’

And all those time
I should have lied and said your right
I stick my foot in my mouth all the time
But that’s the story of my life
Things aren’t the same when you’re not around
Cause you’re the only things that I’ve been thinkin’ about

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