Wanna Hear You Say Lyrics

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Wanna Hear You Say


Last night we made love
You called my name
And the next morning things weren't the same
Even though you stole my pride
I just can't understand why
My heart and my mind and my soul still love you

I wanna hear you say that you love me
I wanna hear you say you care for me
I wanna hear you say that you'll be there for me
That's the way it's supposed to be
And deep inside I know I can't let go
But there's one thing I got to know
Will you be there for me?
Like the way it's supposed to be

Correct me if I'm wrong
But this don't feel right
How could you break my heart
And leave this good woman
See I can stand the pain
After all the love I gave
You took it, smiled and walked away oh baby

Three days passed and there were no phone calls
I was starting to get this feeling
You weren't feeling me at all
The time we spent, boy it don't make sense
That I've fallen in love again
And I don't quite understand why

I just don't know why you won't
Say you love me
Why you don't care enough
Not enough to call me

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