Warm Up Session SBTV Freestyle Lyrics

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Warm Up Session SBTV Freestyle

Lloyd Banks

I'm a Southsider, I'm macking to the max
When I get back I'm a stomp the city flat
Gritty rap, fifty stacks on deck'n
That's just how I'm reppin'
Diamond Diva sexin', never without protection
I'm flexin', begets and I be ballin' like a Texan
Got my will shipped in from texas
And my neck be looking excellent
I be zero zero fetching
Zero zero catching, throw a mill in my direction
Or there won't be no session
Hey bless 'em in Holy water
I rolly spoil 'em, make a groupie out your only daughter
The homies warned her
You said leave the things he used to get her
The clothes he bought her
Gucci, Louie bag, Chloe order
I won't reward her, I want fly things too
Cars by the few,
I'm allergic to the coppers, coppers carry swine flu
Fool, they carry this, I carry mine too
Million dollars worth of cars down

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