Where I'm From Lyrics

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Where I'm From

Dem Franchize Boyz

Franchize, yeah what hannenin
Here it go again, imma tell you like this

Where I'm from (where I'm from)
Thats how we do it (how we do it)
where I'm from (where I'm from)
Thats how we do it (thats how we do it)
where I'm from (where I'm from)

White tees and Afo Onez
Yep that's how we do it where I'm from
We drive til dusk til dawn
Yep that's how we do it where I'm from
We ride on big rims
Yep that's how we do it where I'm from
Dickie suits and tims
Yep that's how we do it where I'm from

I ain't no bitch (where I'm from)
We don't play tricks (where I'm from)
We do you something wrong, you layin in a ditch (where I'm from)
We ain't gon snitch (where I'm from)
Cuz everybody gettin rich (where I'm from)
I do not care what you got you ain't sellin shit (where I'm from)
We on that dank (where I'm from)
Drank til we faint (where I'm from)
We ain't shoot in tha NBKz we leave you stank (where I'm from)
Said don't be canet (where I'm from)
Said Weegee ain't (where I'm from)
And I don't give a mothafuck what chayall thank (where I'm from)
We ride dem chevys (where I'm from)
23 wit tha pipes (where I'm from)
Yall got that yellow yellow cornbread we got that white (where I'm from)
We rock dem ones (where I'm from)
Dem all white tees (where I'm from)
We ride dem themba flats we ain't ride no deez (where I'm from)
We stay strapped (where I'm from)
Workin in the traps (where I'm from)
Can't mess wit the middle man cuz a nigga tryna cap (where I'm from)
N niggaz bleedin (where I'm from)
It's robbin season (where I'm from)
So you betta keep cool, don't give me no reason (where I'm from)

I'm from da A westside Allantemple where I stay
Niggaz talkin all that shit, I'll break 'em up like B2K
Where I'm from in the gym stay ballin like MJ
I'mma Scarface nigga so I stay blastin a K
I be stackin in da winter bringing new trays out all the May
Yeah we stay rollin swisses cuz we do it all day
Niggaz stay trappin on they heels standin in my hall way
Where I'm from bakin cookies
Chips A'hoy what they call me
Stay drop what they call me
Naw you neva say me
Cuz I stay low key
Like a spot on the wal B
Niggaz round here scared takin lesson for Karate
Yeah I came rich off a mothafuckin hobby
Real niggaz where I'm from, yeah we keep them niggaz shoppin
Yeah theres golddiggaz so those hoes steady plotting (where I'm from)
We get to the money cuz my niggaz always poppin
Fuck a red light Franchize ain't stoppin

We ridin trucks (where I'm from)
On big boy rims (where I'm from)
I keep more action than a director off in films (where I'm from)
We twist up haze (where I'm from)
Stay servin Jays (where I'm from)
Cadi the shades (where I'm from)
Chop around for days (where I'm from)
Steady count on blaze (where I'm from)
I gotta stay (where I'm from)
On my block a hundred stacks if it may (where I'm from)
If you want us on a stage a front you gotta pay (where I'm from)
We ain't no game so you know we can't be played (where I'm from)

We don't play (where I'm from)
Watch what you say (where I'm from)
Yall toe gats we toe choppaz and akz (where I'm from)
You disobey (where I'm from)
And you gon lay (where I'm from)
Off in the woods, you'll be missin for some days (where I'm from)
We leave messes (where I'm from)
Wit Mack 11z (where I'm from)
But they don't fuck wit me, they know that numba 7 (where I'm from)
We shoot out backs (where I'm from)
We shoot off legs (where I'm from)
Westside Zone One Bankhead (where I'm from)

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