You Were The One Lyrics

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You Were The One


I know things don't last forever
But I thought that you were true
I guess I've been mistaken
Cause our love is done and through

It hurts me
Cause I know I was true to you
And I'm sorry for whatever I've done to you

Oo-oo-oo baby
You were the one for me
Baby can't you see
You shouldn't have set me free
And oh why did you let me go
I thought our love could grow
You know I loved you so
You were the one

I don't know why you left me
All I know is that you're gone
I wish I could change your feelings
But I guess my life goes on

It hurts me
Cause I thought you'd always be there
But what I see
You really didn't care
Love is so unfair
Cause I thought

I know it's hard for you to see
How much you meant to me
And if it's really meant to be
Then you'll come back

If loving you is still a possibility
When you return I'll be there for you
Cause in my heart I'll always love you

I'm gonna miss you baby
I know you're gonna miss me too
'Cause you know
You were the one
And you will always be the one for me

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